LCD TV - Audio Video Systems - Experience

LCD TVs or LED TVs Prices are dropping, which makes Video Walls more affordable.  We are mounting Video Wall LCD TVs varying in size from 42″ to 55″. You can also be creative with various configurations, for example, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4(as seen in picture) plus countless more.  But don’t forget to integrate it into a custom audio system to impress.   Click here for more information

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Multi-Purpose Audio Video Systems Installation -Experience

Laser Projectors and Large format LCD TVs are great options for Multi-purpose Rooms.  AAT has experience Installing them in multi-purpose Room Audio Video Systems.  We also have experience installing complete divisible multi-purpose Audio Video Systems.  So if you are a Corporate office, hospital, places of worship, school, a government agency we have solutions for you.

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LCD TV Installation

Prices of LCD TVs are getting lower, and they are getting thinner and lighter.  So now the options where you can put TVs is growing.  Finally, Airports, banks, corporate offices, hospitals, places of worship, classrooms, government agencies, and high-end residential homes are excited about the possibilities.  Send us a message we can tell you more.

AAT LCD TV Installation

Hotel Lobby Sound Systems

Do want people to walk into your Hotel lobby and think “This is nice”?  We can help with that.  We can create a custom sound solution for your Hotel Lobby.  AAT has experience designing and installing all kinds of ballroom lobby sound systems.  We support many hotels in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD.  Contact us – we can help you sound better.

Bose Spaeakers Room Match

Executive Boardroom and Conference Room Audio Visual Systems -Experience

We know a lot happens in Board rooms and Executive Conference rooms.  Let us help make sure your essential message gets through.  We maintain many Corporate offices, Law firms, Government buildings, hotels and schools in the  Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD areas.  Contact us we can help you share your message.

Board Room Audio Visual System

Courtrooms and Council Hearing Room Audio Video Systems- Experience

AAT’s experience designing and installing custom sound and audio video systems for courtrooms and government hearing rooms is extensive.  Over the years we helped many Federal, State, and Local Government buildings as well as Law firms and law schools in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Court Room and Council Chambers room AV System

Performing Arts Sound and Total Audio Visual Systems

AAT knows in performing arts you only get one shot to make your first impression.  Sometimes you need an excellent co-star, but always you need a good sound system.  Our experience designing and installing custom sound and AV systems for performing arts all over the Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD areas is unmatched.  Contact us

Performing Arts Sound Systems

Fitness Centers Sound and Audio Video Systems

AAT has experience designing and installing custom sound and audio video systems for fitness rooms.  Over the years we installed many AV systems all around the  Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas.

Fitness Center AV
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