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AAT AV Company on GSA Contract

GSA Schedule

American Amplifier and TV's GSA sales, design, install, and service departments work closely with Federal , State and Local Government clients.  Under our GSA contract we listen to their needs and design a working Audio Video, LCD TV, sound and-or collaboration solution and build and install it in a quick and efficient manner.  AAT has the experience, plus partners in manufacturing and consultants to satisfy even the most complex of tasks. We can design build, install, and service an Easy AV System solutions for you. Contact us

GSA Schedule 58-I - Professional Audio-Video Recording, Reproducing & Signal Data Solutions

GSA Schedule 58-1

Audio Video Equipment Recording & Reproducing , with spare parts and Accessories, includes repair parts. Complete audio video recording and presentation systems as well as separate components. Included are recorders and duplicators for both analog and digital media including cassettes, cartridges and video discs. The video or audio recording system may include special effects generators including time and date stamping, picture in picture, closed captioning, text addition, character and symbol insertion and manipulation, audio voice over equipment. Also included :

  • Amplifiers, Mixers, switchers, synchronizing components, and editing equipment.

  • Mini Studio Systems and Components – Including training room and instructional systems, control room and studio control modules, multiple microphone and video stations.

  • Display screens, LED walls, LCD projectors

  • Control modules for controlling the video projection.

  • Accessories items such as cables, batteries, and sound booths.

GSA Schedule 58 7

 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services Ancillary supplies and/or services are support supplies and/or services which are not within the scope of any other of these schedules. These supplies and/or services are necessary to compliment AAT’s offerings to provide you a solution to fill your requirements

GSA Schedule 58 4

Audio Equipment, Including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories Covers complete professional sound systems as well as components.

 Components include:

  • Amplifiers, Speakers, Audio consoles, Switchers

  • Cassette recorders and players, cartridge recorders and players, compact disc recorders and players, and reel-to-reel equipment.

  • Accessories may include cables and microphones and computer equipment required to perform these function specified.

GSA Schedule 58 6

Telecommunications Equipment, Including Spare and Repair Parts, and Accessories 

  • Items laser equipment; recorder/reproducer sets – signal data (multi-application);

  • Wildlife and fish monitoring equipment

  • fiber optic and digital telecommunications equipment. Included are multiplexers, routers for video and other signals.

  • Broadcast receivers, demodulators, and switchers.

  • Transmitters, receivers, and transceivers for all frequency ranges including microwaves, modems, signal amplifiers, power supplies, and antennas as well as encoders, and decoders.

  • Accessories including batteries, cables and mounting assemblies or racks and computer equipment and software required to perform these specified functions.


GSA Schedule 219 3

Televisions Includes projection television, console, table models, and portable. All eligible items must be Energy Star qualified.

Features may include:

  • HDTV ready, picture in picture and stereo audio.
  • Televisions may be LED, LCD or plasma screen.
  • Mounting accessories include wall or ceiling mounts and including speaker mounts.

American Amplifier and Television's List of companies on our GSA Schedule

AMERICAN AMPLIFIER  - Labor, Installation, Engineering

AMX Room control systems & lighting control systems

ATLAS - SOUND -IED  Speakers, racks, sound systems

BOSE Sound systems

CRESTRON Room control systems & lighting control systems

EIKI LCD Projector

CLEAR ONE Audio Teleconferencing, Assisted Listening and sound

LISTEN Sound systems

LOWELL MANUFACTURING Sound systems, racks and power distribution systems 

LG TV’s, VCR’s, LCD Projectors, DVD Players, Large Monitors Projectors

PDR MOUNTS Flat Panel and Projector Mounts

PASO Amplifiers, Portable Sound Systems

QSC Amplifiers, Speakers Sound Equipment

QUAM Audio Systems

SHARP ELECTRONICS LCD Projector both Pro and Consumer.

SHURE   Microphones, mixers, wired systems and wireless systems

SURGEX Power conditioning and power distribution for A/V 

VADDIO   Cameras, Mounts, and Furniture

WEST PENN WIRE Speaker wire, cables and accessory for the A/V Industry

"Over the past four years I have been working with American Amplifier and Television as we built the Miller Senate Building, renovated the James Senate Office Building, and upgraded the audio system in the Senate Chamber in the State House. Specifically we have installed television cameras, audio and video taping capabilities, audio-visual presentation components, and an audio system which allows elected officials and staff to listen from their offices to live proceedings from the Chamber as well as seen committee rooms throughout the legislative campus in Annapolis.
Throughout the design, installation, and implementation of these systems, I have found the executives and staff of American Amplifier to be responsive to our needs, creative in solving problems, sensitive to budgetary issues, cooperative and flexible with installations schedules, and genuinely interested in our success.
Should you choose to work with them on future projects, I am confident you will be pleased with the quality of their work and their work ethic."

~Victoria Fretwell - Maryland State Senate Building